Model PBL-215

Dump Body – Specifications

Model PBL-215

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Dump Body Features:

Full depth corner posts

Pockets for extension sideboards are standard

Strong tailgate chains furnished as standard

Easy acting tailgate control, positive acting lower hinge hook

All steel tailgate hardware

Provision for Fed 108 lights

Enclosed rear corner posts

Heavy duty construction

Air tailgate control

Cab shield

12/14 Cubic yard capacity

High Lift Tailgate

Dump Body Options:

Sliding doors in tailgate

Asphalt apron

Hitch plate and hitch

Tarp system

Hoist Features:

Factory-installed body props

Air lever control grips with operation instructions

Body raise indicator light

Backup alarm

High pressure underbody hoist

Standard Metal Gauges & Specifications:

Floor 3/16″ Hitensile Steel

Sides 38″ high, 10 Ga. Steel

Front 53″ high, 10 Ga. Steel

Tailgate 44″ high, 10 Ga. Steel


Body with hinge

Hoist with mounting trunnion

Wire harness

Light kit

Hose kit

Hydraulic pump, valve and tank

Operator manual and safety decals

Air controls