Model L-100

Truck Mounted Loader – Specifications

Model L-100

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General Loader:

It is the intent of these specifications to describe the “Load Over Cab” type, hydraulically operated loader. The loader is suitable for mounting on a dump truck of adequate G.V.W.R. and equipped with a dump body that has 78 inch minimum inside body width. The overall width of the truck axle over the studs shall not exceed 91 inches and the width of the truck cab and renders shall not exceed 90 inches.

It shall be a PB Loader, Model L-100, or approved equal. Make and model of the conventional style truck chassis will be furnished at the time of issuance of the purchase order.


Blade shall be a replacable 1/2″ x 6″ plow steel.

Sides shall be a 1/2″ x 6″ plow steel cutting edge, designed to allow the operator to load directly against the curb.

The back of the shovel is designed to allow the operator to have down pressure on the shovel and also back drag material for grading.

The operator shall have positive control of shovel at all times.

Capacity is 3/4 cubic yard and the width is not less than 92 inches.

Shovel shall be scoop type, rigidly mounted on two side arms.


They shall be straight type with box girder type construction.

They shall have a minimum inside clearance of 92 inches.

The arms and shovel shall be removable from loader without having to remove the entire loader mechanism from the truck.

The arms shall be bolted to a solid cross shaft so as to equal the load pressure throughout the loader system.

The arms will not interfere with the opening of the truck doors in either the loading or traveling position.

Side arms supporting the shovel shall pivot on a point immediately behind the truck cab and below the truck frame.

Loader is supported on a separate frame or directly to the truck frame.


The loader mechnism will not be mounted LOWER than any point of the truck chassis.

The mechanism shall be mounted in such a manner that the weight of the unit is distributed between the front and rear axle of the truck chassis.

The loader shall be powered hydraulically through a compound linkage system by means of a hydraulic pump that is driven from the truck transmission power take-off.

Weight of the unit will not exceed 2,300 lbs.

Component parts of the loader shall be of proper design and size to safely lift a maximum load of 3,000 lbs.

Loader shall be able to load dump body uniformly without having to shift material to the rear by raising the body.

Safety Switches:

The switches shall be installed so that when the power take-off is engaged, the opening of the truck doors will stall the hydraulic power and the loader can not be operated.

Safety switches shall also be installed on the dump body so that if there is an attempt to raise the dump body when the loader is in traveling position this will disengage the power-take off.


Only ONE (1) – 8 inch double acting hydraulic cylinder to operate the loader.

The operating cycle is 15 seconds.

The hydraulic tank capacity shall be a minimum of 15 gallons with a return line filter and an inline suction strainer.

The controls shall be cab mounted and readily accessible to the operator from the driving position.

The hydraulic cylinders must have chrome finish shaft and adequate dirt wiper seals.

The unit shall be furnished complete and ready for mounting with pump and roller bearing power take-off that is suitable for continuous duty and all other items necessary to make a complete working unit.