Model BH-205-28

Emulsion Sprayer – Specifications

Model BH-205-28

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Emulsion Spray Unit:

Emulsified Asphalt spray and storage system mounted on Truck chassis for applying tack coat.


Two compartment tank.

Storage capacity 177 gallon emulsion and 28 gallon solvent.

10 gauge steel with the bottom reinforced.

6” curbside filler cap.

Tank dimension 72”W x 24”L x 30”H.

4” clean out on curb side near tank bottom.

Tank shall be vented.

Removable fill basket strainer.

Y strainer at the discharge of tank before material enters the pump.

Capable of switching from emulsion to solvent with one valve lever.


Internal serpentines of 1” steel tubing to circulate water from truck engine.

Truck engine cooling system as a heat source.

Two 5/8 inch coolants hose.

System will have a temperature control valve at the tank.

Auxiliary Electric Heat:

Equipped with 110 VAC heat system.

Overnight heating controlled by temperature sensor.

Heating elements shall be low-density stainless steel.


Space required for mounting of tank is 30 inch.

Spraying system shall be mounted in front of dump body.

Mounting shall be accomplished with 2 full length mounts.

Spring bolsters on one side of tank.

Bolting to frame shall consist of 3 each side, 1/2 inch.

No welding on truck frames will be accepted.