Model B-4SM

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These specifications describe a self-contained patch unit which is a "slide in" unit to be used for patching with hot asphalt.



The unit shall be 4 cubic yards

Double wall constructed

2” - 6 lb. density insulation throughout

10 GA HR steel interior sides, 10 GA HR steel exterior

The floor shall be ¼” HR steel

Flat bottom floor across the full width and length of the hopper

Interior walls of loading lids have expansion corrugations

Top loading doors are 2” double wall constructed

Single hinged top lids open into a V with the inside surface acting as a funnel

Material funneled to center of container

Flame cut upper pivot arms for top lids

Two rear doors, each hydraulically operated independently by a 2” x 11” stroke cylinder

Hydraulic controls located at right rear corner

Hydraulic system is powered by an 8 H.P. LPG engine

Starter generator with 12 volt, 50 AMP battery

Width of box is 74” O.D.

Length of box is 120” O.D.

Patcher is designed to fit into 10 ft. dump body


Loading and Unloading:

Patcher shall have free standing legs

Shall be loaded and unloaded from the truck dump body without ancillary equipment


Radiant Heater:

Heat tubes located under container

Interior heat chamber has passageways to direct heat

Passageways separate from heat chamber

Chamber totally enclosed inside container

One propane fueled casted manifold burners with flume adjustment

Rating of 67,000 BTU each @ pressure of 10 PSI

Controlled by thermostat range of 100°F - 300°F

12 volt electronic igniters

100% fuel shut off if burner is extinguished

Burner area fully enclosed and located at front of unit safely away from rear operation





Hand Torch:

Pilot with valve control

Capacity of 200,000 BTU

25 foot hose supplied


Shoveling Apron: Model 10

Constructed of 3/16 HR steel

Folding bottom and wings for material to bypass freely

Mounted on rear of container with a 26” shoveling height

1/3 cubic yard capacity


Emulsion Spray Unit: Model BH-30-6

Emulsified Asphalt spray and storage system mounted on patcher for applying tack coat.



Two compartment tank

Storage capacity 24 gallon emulsion and 6 gallon solvent

10 GA steel with bottom reinforced

6” curbside filler cap

4” clean out near tank bottom

Tank shall be vented

Removable fill basket strainer

Y strainer at discharge of tank before material enters pump

Capable of switching from emulsion to solvent with one valve lever


Auxiliary Electric Heat:

Equipped with 110 VAC heat system

Overnight heating, controlled by temperature sensor

Heating elements shall be low-density stainless steel



Spraying system shall be mounted on left hand side of unit



Rotary gear pump

Output of 10 gallons per minute of 600 R.P.M.

Pumps shall be hydraulic driven

All valves shall be high pressured

Remote mounted for ease of maintenance

Mechanically actuated from right rear of unit

Pump shall be reversible to draw material back to tank

Pump shall be driven by a torque motor, which has 5.9 CID


Spray Wand and Hose:

System should be plumped to rear of unit

3/8” diameter 5 feet long steel application wand shall be supplied

25 feet of ½” diameter oil resistant hose

A brass changeable nozzle at spray tip

Wand storage brackets


Drip Pan:

10 gallon drip pan/waste oil combination

Necessary valves for draining and cleaning


Auxiliary Electric Heat Patcher:

Low density electric heat

Minimum 6KW, 240 VAC thermostatically controlled

100°F - 300°F

Weatherproof Panel

Overnight heating of asphalt

25 foot power cord


Solvent Pump:

12 VDC pump

Connected to solvent side of tank

25 foot hose with wand

Used for cleaning tools


Arrow Board:

(10) light board LED

Arrow - left, right, or both

Mounted at rear of unit



0°F - 300°F


Hose Reels:

Emulsion spray hose reel

Hand torch hose reel

Solvent hose reel

All reels are designed to accommodate 25 foot hoses


LPG Tank:

25 gallon upright (portable) tank


Tool Holders:

Asphalt lute and shovel holders


Safety Equipment:

Fire extinguisher 5 lbs.

LED taillights


Arrow Boards, Beacon and Flashers LED:


PSE Code 3

Other brands available


Work Lights