Model 65-CS

Emulsion Sprayer – Specifications

Model 65-CS

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These specifications describe an emulsion storage tank together with pertinent hoses, spray wand, fittings, valves, etc., for complete units ready for operation. To air operated by the truck air system.


65 gallon round tank, ASME approved.

6″ fill opening.

Tank to be side mounted on truck frame.

Heating Unit:

Heat transfer unit with the heat source from the engine cooling system.

Heat controls to provide for asphaltic emulsion temperature range of 75° to 125° F.

Auxiliary 120 VAC electric over night heating.

Hose and Spray Wand:

Hose heavy duty, 25 feet in length.

Spray wand 5 feet in length, manually operated, shut-off to eliminate dripping material.

System shall have straight air as a means for cleaning.