Model 420-PT

Trailer Emulsion Sprayer – Specifications

Model 420-PT

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These specifications describe a trailer mounted oil distributor unit which is used for patching with hot asphalt or heated cold mix.


Rectangle or round cross section with 400 gallons.

All seams welded.

Shell and surge plates made of 10 GA steel.

1 1/2″ overflow pipe extending up into manhole.

Sump provided in bottom of tank at rear.

Manhole 10″ diameter with quick-acting hinged cover.


4″ heat flue. Flue system runs full length of tank.

Vaporizing torch type burner.

Located at front of tank.

LPG fired.

One 25 gallon capacity fuel tank, upright type, mounted on front of trailer.

Thermometer registering 50°F to 500°F located in well.


B & S rated at 8 HP, 3600 RPM and electric start.

LPG type.

4 cycle, air cooled, equipped with 6 to 1 belt reduction.


Capacity 20 GPM at 425 RPM.

Viking rotary positive displacement type.

1 1/2″ suction and discharge openings.

Relief valve provided.

Pump enclosed in a removable steel housing with opening for adjustment of relief valve and heating pump with portable torch when required.

Control Valves:

Arranged so that operator can perform the following functions:

  1. Fill tank through the pump from tank car storage tank or drums.
  2. Circulate the material in tank while heating.
  3. Spray from tank through spray bar or through hand spray attachment.
  4. Transfer from one tank to another without entering tank on machine.
  5. Draw off material by gravity from tank for filling pots, etc.


Two furnished, consisting of basket type strainer, 8″ diameter by 8″ deep, located in manhole opening and “Y” strainer in suction line to pump, easily accessible for cleaning.

Flushing System:

Permits washing out pump and pipe lines, using 20 gallon diesel tank.

Hand Spray:

Consists of 25 ft. length of 3/4 inch inside diameter special rubber spray hose with fittings, and hand spray bar with “Cold” handles, control valve and brass spray nozzle.


Tank positioned inside of trailer frame.

Frame made of 5″ channel extending along both sides-at front and rear of tank.

Pulling eye made of cast steel 3″ lunette eye.

Axle consists of 2 1/2″ square steel with high carbon steel spindles.

Semi-elliptical springs, 8 leaf, 1-3/4″ wide x 26″ long.

Trailer equipped with disc wheels, 16.5 x 6.75 rims, 8 studs on 6 1/2″ bolt circle, mounted on hubs provided with Timken tapered roller bearings.

Tires pneumatic 9.50 x 16.5 x 8 ply.

Electrical brakes.

Support Legs – rear and front of unit provided with adjustable support leg.

Fenders – formed steel fenders with flanged edges.




INSULATION – 1″ thick insulation covered with 20 GA steel jacket.


BRAKES – Surge type.

SPRAY BAR – 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., or 12 ft. bar with 10 in., 8 in., 6 in., 4 in. nozzle spacing.