Model 220-PT

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These specifications describe a Trailer Mounted Emulsion and Cutback Sprayer. 


Round Cross section, 200 gallon.

10 GA HR Steel Shell, 10 GA HR Steel flanged ends.

6" Fill Opening hinged.

2" Drain plug.

6 Gallon Tank for Flushing.

10 Gallon Waste Recovery Tank.


Basket Strainer in Fill Opening.

Y Strainer on Discharge.



Four Cycle, 5.5 HP @ 3600 RPM., B/S Engine

Engine shall be converted to a LPG fueled

Lockable Engine/Pump Cover

Equipped with Throttle Control.

Centrifugal Clutch and Reduction.



12 GPM @ 1200 RPM

Rotary Pump with Relief Valve.

1" Inlet and Outlet.


LPG Heater:

4" Heat tube full length of Tank.

LPG Fueled.

150,000 BTU burner with outfire protector.

8 Gallon Fuel Tank with Regulator.

50°F - 500°F Thermometer.


Hand Spray:

25 feet 1/2 inch Hose.

5 foot Wand with Shut off Valve.



4" Channel Frame.

3,000 lb. Rated Capacity.

Springs 3,000 lb. Rated Capacity.

Tires 6.70 x 15 Rated Capacity.

Retractable Frame Jack.

Heavy Duty Fenders

ICC lighting

Safety Chain




Pintle Hitch or Ball.

Spray Hose Reel.

Auxiliary Electric Heat System

Insulated Emulsion Tank

Honda engine 5 HP

Five Nozzle Spray Bar

Eight Nozzle Spray Bar

Thirteen Nozzle Spray Bar

Spare Tire and Wheel

Electric Brakes

Surge Brakes