Model 144-CS

Emulsion Sprayer – Specifications

Model 144-CS

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It is the intent of these specifications to furnish an emulsion storage tank together with pertinent hoses, spray wand, fittings, valves, etc. for a complete unit ready for operation. To be air operates by the truck air system.


133 gallon capacity.

24″ diameter x 72″ across frame, mounted behind the cab.

With a 1 1/2″ outlet shut off valve and a 1 1/2″ Y Strainer.

It has an 8″ fill opening with a “T” bolt locks.

It used straight air and/or solvent for cleaning.

The unit shall have a waste recovery system.

Heating Unit:

Shall provide a heat transfer unit with the heat source from the engine cooling system.

Temperature range of 75 to 120°F.

Solvent Tank:

A 12 gallon pressurized solvent tank shall be provided to back flush spray wand and lines to emulsion tank.

All necessary valves, gauges and regulators shall be provided.

Spray System:

The hose and spray wand shall be of a standard quality and type for road maintenance patching operation.

There is one dual-purpose spray gun with removable drip pan nozzle.

3/4″ emulsion hose shall be used and shall proceed from the emulsion tank to the right rear corner of the truck frame, the hose shall be 25 feet heavy duty.

A 3/8″ air hose shall proceed from the air receiver through pressure regulator to the spray gun.

The retracting reel shall be installed to retain air and emulsion hoses on the right side of the body.

The hoses shall be properly protected as they pass through frame area with a shut-off valve provided at the left rear corner of the truck frame.

The spray wand shall be 5 feet in length.

It shall be equipped with manually operated shut-off to eliminate dripping of the material.

The air shall be supplied by the truck air system with all necessary valves and a separate air receiver.